". . . the right of the people to keep and bear arms
shall not be infringed."




Although I qualified as Expert with the M-1 rifle, M-14 automatic rifle, and M-30 machine gun while serving in the U.S. Army Reserve, I didn't shoot at all between 1971 and 2008.  That was when The Missus and I each got a Concealed Pistol License as a result of what looks like societal decay and our decreased ability to fight or flee in other ways.

We now own what we consider a basic citizen's arsenal - each item below was chosen for dependability and accuracy in personal defense, home defense, or skills development situations.   It also answers the age-old question: "If you could only own ten firearms, what would they be?"

"The secret of joy . . .

is contained in one word -
excellence.  To know how
to do something well
is to enjoy it."

         - Pearl Buck

CC CT and Plus

9mm pistol extraordinaire

Mossberg Chainsaw (modified)

Savage Axis SR 308



(.380 ACP)

In 2008, we bought a pair of Bersa Thunder 380 Concealed Carry semi-automatic pistols (only mine is shown) that are small enough to carry in a pocket.  The slightly larger duotone Bersa Thunder 380 with Crimson Trace LaserGrips and matte black Bersa 380 Plus are carried in a IWB holster.

9 mm)

TheMissus' newest pistol is the Walther CCP (far left).  It will double as her firearm for IDPA competitions.

I recently won a contest where the prize was a legendary, stainless steel Smith & Wesson 5906 pistol.  With Crimson Trace grips, it's kept at my bedside.

I've added an ADE Advanced Optics green laser with 200-lumen LED light under the barrel (for checking out 'things that go bump in the night') and a red dot sight with fiber optic (for daytime shooting) to our TNW Aero Survival Pistol (ASP).  The Sig SB-15 stabilizing brace (looks like a stock) may or may not stay.


(12 gauge)

After seeing one in a local gun store, The Missus suggested that we buy this Mossberg 500 Chainsaw shotgun as our Christmas 2011 present to each other for use inside the house.  I've since added two accessories: a Blackhawk! recoil-reducing breachers' grip and a 240-lumen remote-switched LED light (both shown).


(.223 REM)

To fend off multiple armed attackers at close quarters (outside the house, up to 100 yards away), I chose a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic carbine (rifle with a short 16" barrel) and ATI side-folding stock that I recently replaced with a minimalist stock. I added a 1-4x24 RGB dot scope and a cotton webbing sling on the left side, too.

(.308 WIN) 

For the rare armed attacker beyond 100 yards, our bolt action Savage Axis SR has a BSA 4-16x40 MilDot scope on Burris two-piece bases.  A UTG folding bipod, Boyd's thumbhole stock, and NNT suppressor have been added since this pic was taken.


(.22 LR, .22 Long, or .22 Short)

The Marlin XT-22TR is set up for 50-100 yard Varmint Shoots with a BSA 4-16x40 scope, Boyd's thumbhole stock, and UTG bipod (none are shown in factory pic at left), so think of it as a smaller version of the Savage Axis SR defense rifle.   


DPX after impactWe've found these to be reliable and cost effective:

.380 ACP

  • Cor-Bon DPX 80 grain lead-free HP (shown after impact, above right) - for self-defense
  • MagTech 95 grain FMJ - for skills practice

9 mm

  • Federal HST 147 grain HP - for home-defense
  • Washougal River Cartridge 115 grain FMJ reloads - for skills practice

                    buckshot spread

12  GAUGE                  

  • Federal Low Recoil 00 buckshot shells (left) - for home defense
  • Remington 7Ĺ birdshot shells - for skills practice

.223 Rem.           Federal Fusion.223

  • Federal Fusion 62 grain HP (right) - for home defense and hunting
  • Aguila 55 grain FMJ - for skills practice

    308 ammo.308 Win.               

  • Washougal River Cartridge 147 grain FMJ - for home defense and skills practice

.22 LR          
CCI MiniMag HP

  • CCI MiniMag 36 grain JHP (right) - for small game hunting in the event of regional food shortages
  • CCI MiniMag 40 grain JRN - for skills practice

"Before a standing army can rule,
the people must be disarmed;
as they are in almost every
kingdom in Europe
         -  Noah Webster

"The best we can hope for
concerning the people at large
is that they be properly armed
            - Alexander Hamilton

"I ask, sir, what is the militia?
It is the whole people,
except for a few
public officials."

                - George Mason

"It's not the bullet that kills you
(it's the hole)."

                -  Laurie Anderson

Nobody has ever survived a gunfight
and then said afterwards,
'Darn, I wish I hadnít brought
all that extra ammo.'
                -  Larry Correia

Plus - 1st firing

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When our grandsons and other youngsters visit, we set up a target stand in the backyard, and let them enjoy shooting in a safe, supervised environment. Our Umarex Morph 3X uses CO2 cylinders to propel .177 caliber metal BBs (so it's not a firearm, per se). It can be set up four ways (hence the name change from 3X to 4X, right) for a variety of shooting experiences.

Morph 4X

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