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The Burlington ArrowThe
Burlington Cars

HISTORY.  Burlington cars were never mass produced. Rather, most were built from a set of construction plans for the home builder sold by Haydn Davies, founder of The Burlington Motor Company Ltd . . . (additional history is available at the email group site above).

MODELS.  Four models were offered. In order of their announcement to the public:
"Unashamed Morgan copy for those who can't wait seven years for the real thing." (David Vivian, Motor, October 1, 1983, p.43) 
A two-seat, doorless roadster with styling reminiscent of the 1935 Triumph Dolomite Straight Eight and "cycle style" wings (fenders in the US).  Burlington made available a fiberglass (GRP) radiator shell and scuttle, but it was not otherwise a "kit car" as there was no "kit" to buy. Both the Arrow and Berretta were designed to use the chassis and drivetrain from a Triumph Herald or Spitfire.
Similar to the Arrow, but ". . . has fixed wings and running boards. The bonnet side panel is sloped at the joint between the body tub. The dummy petrol tank is a one piece GRP moulding and is longer to give more of a slope to the spare wheel (4" extra in length). Built on a Burlington chassis and the body tub was pre-fitted. Haydn used a lot more aluminium strips on the Berretta on the body panel joints." (Graeme Payne, in a post to the Burlington Cars email group)
Styled after the American WWII Jeep and usually built on a Spitfire chassis.

REFERENCE LINKS.  - Owner registry (and more) - Barry's Burlington Arrow used for classic trials competition - RaceTec Engineering's Burlington Berretta - Not a true Burlington, but similar to an Arrow with fixed wings - A few pictures of the only two Chieftains known to exist! - Not a Burlington, but it does detail the Spitfire frame mods needed for a Locust build


Burlington SS  SS sold on eBay in 2003 Arrow dashboard Arrow interior
  Arrow bonnet opened Arrow (note somewhat unusual split grill)
Arrow engine bay Arrow engine bay
Arrow build John Divers' Arrow build (6 cylinder)
Arrow with Brooklands Arrow with Brooklands screens
Arrow brochure From an Arrow brochure
Baretta Berretta (note running boards)
Chieftain - windscreen down From a Chieftain brochure
Chieftain on Vitesse frame with 13" wheels (makes it look like a Mini-Moke!)


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