Doc Nugent's
'Evil Papoose'


The adorable Papoose .22LR carbine (as sold by Marlin Firearms)


Rather than argue against the notion that firearms are inherently evil, I've decided to take that concept to the absurd by modifying a rifle to be as evil as it can be - despite its small caliber and lovable model name (Papoose is derived from the Algonquian word papoos, meaning 'child').

The Marlin Papoose I'm starting with appears from the serial number to have been manufactured in 1988, six years before the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB, aka Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act) was passed into law in 1994

Some may consider it ironic that the recent legislative attempts at gun control are the cause of this particular firearm 'going bad' after twenty-five years of peaceful behavior (thanks for the inspiration, Senator Feinstein).

Senator gun ban
- Diane Feinstein

PART 1 - The Stock

"Stock Stock" vs. "Evil CQC Profile"


The unmodified Marlin Papoose stock (a stock stock, so to speak) has what's generally known as a Monte Carlo profile where the comb is low for use with the rifle's standard iron sights.  That general shape has been used on military and hunting rifles for well over a century.

What I refer to as the CQC stock profile is overlayed (left) to highlight two features that distinguish it from the Monte Carlo profile:  a raised comb and a steeper grip angle.  Unfortunately, the general public has come to see this 'modern' (it's fifty years old now) CQC profile - especially if the whole firearm is black - as 'more evil' than the Monte Carlo's traditional 'cowboy' shape even though both serve exactly the same function.

"The Chosen One

A Badger M-22
synthetic stock will be used to accomplish the CQC profile on Evil Papoose.

Its 'bullpup' design rearranges the Papoose parts:  trigger group stays about where it was relative to the butt, but the rest of the action is relocated toward the rear.  This improves front/rear balance and shortens the overall length to 26.75".
Fortunately, it comes in that evil black color!

PART 2 - The Laser/Light Combo Foregrip

"All the better to see you""

other mods

As someone old enough to rely upon reading glasses, I'll be adding this evil black
VISM VAQVGFLR foregrip with red laser and 120 lumen LED light.

Folding sights on the Badger's clever scope rail (optional) will serve as a backup sighting system to rapidly acquire and engage unsuspecting steel plates (some shaped like a human torso!):

No longer needed, the front and rear Papoose sights will be removed.

PART 3 - Other Bits

"All the modern conveniences""

scope base

a. I have four 'high capacity' black magazines (they are designed for a Marlin 795, but these mags also work in the Papoose, which came with only one 7 round magazine).  The new 25 round magazines benefit other shooters at the range because they won't have to wait for me to reload several smaller capacity magazines while it's my turn to shoot. 

b. A sling might be added later (slings are evil, right?).

Now, Evil Papoose looks like this
(all my modifications are reversible, by the way):


Although I made no change to its capabilities,
I realize that Evil Papoose's new look
may terrify the ignorant!

The correct term for such a strong reaction
to color and physical features
is fear-based prejudice.