Since the Special is fenderless,
it can only be driven on dry pavement
(per Washington state law).

"It's a Bitso"

   (it includes bits o'this and bits o'that)


- Body/doors/chassis from a 1969 Volkswagen

- Hood (bonnet) from a 1956 MG Magnette ZA

- Bustle trunk from a 1936 Chevrolet sedan

- Saddle tan lowback seats from a 1967 Volkswagen
- Banjo steering wheel from a 1950 Morris Minor

New parts:
- Tinbeater front suspension extension
- Empi front disc brake conversion kit

- Steel spoked 5x15 front and 7x15 rear wheels
165R15 front tires, 225/70R15 rear tires
- Sheet metal cargo cover (back seat area)
- Custom textured fiberglass Carson top
- Empi trigger shifter
- Dietz headlight nacelles
- Pivco Mack Red exterior
1K acrylic
- Textured black pickup bedliner interior

- Collector Vehicle registration and license plate

(another fenderless volksrod)

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