Parts for Sale from a never-assembled
Gazelle (kit car)

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1. If you want an item in the BLUE section below, send me an email (click on email button to the right) with:
    a. which ITEMS you want, and
    b. your ZIPCODE so I can provide a shipping estimate via UPS Ground.
2. If what you want is still available, I'll email back the total (parts with shipping) and hold the parts for you for 24 hours.
3. You then send payment via PayPal for the parts plus shipping amount.  If you don't send payment via PayPal within the 24 hour hold period - because the shipping's too high or for any other reason - I'll consider the parts you wanted to be again available to others.
4. Once I receive the payment notice from PayPal, I'll ship the next business day.  You can check my eBay feedback for a reference, and click on "me" if you're curious.
5. The Pink and Green sections are included simply so you will know what's NO LONGER AVAILABLE (saves us both time).

Other INFO:
- The reason I have these parts is that I bought an unassembled Gazelle kit in order to use its chassis, drivetrain, and a few other parts in our Morris Minor project.
- For comparison, MG Magic's prices are shown below with strike-through - my prices are shown in red.
- Feel free to ask about specific items not mentioned.

Still For Sale . . . in the Seattle area Only
(too big to ship economically)

Front fenders - $890/pair $750/pair
Rear fenders - $690/pair $550/pair

  All four fenders
- $1580    $499

The items in this section

 windshield (with glass and hardware) - $485 $269
12v horns - $74.50 each $40 each  
43" hood belt - $54 $50
5" round fluted amber foglights - $54/pair $45/pair  
Boot/cover for soft top (when it's folded down), tan, without foam - $155 $100
Carpet, brown - $195 $105
 Chromed tube-style bumper w/endcaps (not shown), front only - $149 $120; both rear - $220 $160
Doors (L and R) - $195 each $95 each
  Door latch package (inside/outside handles and latches/strikers) - $124.20 $80   
Fake exhaust tubes (they're dusty, not rusty), including 12 flanges (not shown) - $267/set $160/set
Fender welting, black - $29 $20
High-gloss wood dash board (without instruments, lights, or switches) - $167 $80
Luggage rack - $147 $130
Radiator grill shell - $495 (stainless reproduction) $120 (OEM chrome)  
Rear bumper bracket covers (L and R) - $90 each $45 each
Rubber for running boards, black - $69 $30
Soft top with side curtains - $595 $299
Spare tire cover (tan) - $69 $30
Tail lights (bases, sockets, and lenses, L and R) - $48.50 each $40 each
Tonneau cover, tan - $155 $99
Upholstery, 11 pc (tan/brown, including door panels, side panels, etc.) - $? $69

The following items are
NOT For Sale
(they're being kept for other projects)

FiberFab/CMC chassis
(including V6 engine, AT transmission, and suspension)
Body and hood
Vintage gauges
Headlight shells
Front turn signals
Hinge package, . . .

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